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We respect our customer’s preferences, even as per their preference, we can simply able to pack, move and store selected high value, precious or delicate items for their maximum satisfaction to make them more protected and satisfied. 

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What Our Clients Say

The entire process was exceptional. I was just saying to my husband over the weekend how fortunate we were to have had such a professional group of people organizing our move. Highly satisfied and fully recommended!
Jack Wells
Foreign Move
Our move consisted to two separate loads and nothing had even the smallest scratch. They were not the cheapest quote nor were they the most expensive, however it is difficult to imagine finding better value for money.
Thomas Roe
Condo Owner
Careful pre-packaging for china and pictures was provided and the super vigilance used in maneuvering our large, awkward furniture and out and into our new home was excellent. Highly recommended service!
Carrie Nicks
Home Owner

Why K.O.R

Careful Handling

We can help with Complete or Partial Packing services using qualified professionals.

Recycled Packaging

Our moving boxes are made to be reused multiple times and they are very affordable.

Weather- Resistant

Your belongings are safe from the rain and the snow because the boxes are not made of a flimsy cardboard.


Our professionals can arrange your items in the boxes that saves a lot of space.

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